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LDX 100 Series

Introducing the Next Generation of Premium Live Image Capture

With the LDX 100 Series, Grass Valley has developed a revolutionary camera platform for the IP era. With NativeIP, SMPTE 2110 streams output directly from the camera – without extra equipment, greatly simplifying a 2110-based IP set-up. The LDX 100 Series is also backward compatible with our XCU basestation for SDI connectivity if required, so it is possible to transition to IP at your own pace.

The LDX 100 Series is packed with the features and performance you would expect from the camera of tomorrow – high sensitivity Global Shutter imagers, Native HDR in PQ, HLG, and S-Log. NFC communication gives real-time status information from the camera to your smartphone via the free-of-charge LDX Scanner App. The LDX 100 Series camera can be tooled up to your liking simply by adding a variety of options, either per day or perpetual, with the à la carte model.

LDX 150 at a Glance  
  LDX 150
Shutter Global
Imager 3X Xenios capturing 100% Red. 100% Green, 100% Blue
Sensitivity @2000 lux F11
Total pixel count 24,883,200
High speed 3X HD/UHD
Connectivity SDI or NativeIP with no external conversion Option acitvates built-in JPEG XS compression

Key Features

  • New camera platform designed for extension into the future
  • UHD HDR images at 3X high-speed
  • Simple, scalable multiformat image capture and distribution
  • All-in-one camera with no separate base station required
    thanks to NativeIP
  • Fastest time to deploy and configure
  • Extensive operator training not required
  • At-a-glance settings and diagnostics for immediate status
  • Field-tested rugged and reliable
  • Suite of inventory management features
  • Quickly align camera configuration to production requirements
    for superior cost management
  • Field-replaceable SFP/QSFP
  • Save time by managing camera information and licenses
    from the LDX Scanner app without powering up the camera

Explore the different models below to determine which best suits your production needs.

LDX 150

Global Shutter with Xenios Imager