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Agile Media Processing Platform

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Independent Platform Deployment

Independent Platform DeploymentThe Agile Media Processing Platform is a fully software-based solution that runs in any data center or cloud environment. It supports a modular, efficient approach to everyday broadcast workflows such as live production, playout automation, asset management, signal processing and master switching.

GV AMPP gives broadcasters the power to easily transition to cloud- and data center-based operations because it addresses the concerns that complicate IP and cloud deployments — particularly network connectivity and latency.

GV AMPP enables easy, elastic content creation and storytelling from anywhere for any kind of live and non-live storytelling, content discovery and delivery.


Five Core TechnologiesGV AMPP's architecture is based on five core technologies and 17 patented advancements
  • GV Intelligent Media Fabric: Unique management for distribution of digital media (video, images, audio and metadata).
  • GV Intelligent Media Connect: Unique management for connections between devices that distribute and process digital media (video, images, audio and metadata).
  • GV Intelligent Media Timing: Unique management for the timing of digital media (video, images, audio and metadata).
  • GV Intelligent Media Identity: Unique management the identity of connected devices that process and distribute digital media (video, images, audio and metadata) and manage the identity of the digital media (video, images, audio and metadata) itself.
  • GV Intelligent Media Streams: Unique management for processing digital media (video, images, audio and metadata) based on the media, itself.


RIST logoUnique Software Media Processing Boosts AMPP Platform Capabilities

An extensive set of microservices and our latest software processing tools enable GV AMPP applications, file-based workflows, and streaming in real time and non-real time. The virtualization and cloud-friendly core services allow for the fastest and lowest latency on the market.

Low-Latency Cloud Streaming and Monitoring

Global low-latency streaming and the ability to always choose the right mechanism is a core function of GV AMPP. Low latency is enabled with H.264, HEVC, AAC or OPUS at any bitrate with configurable FEC and support for RIST and SRT.


A collection of system tools to monitor, adjust and control the state of your system including resource management, routing, flow monitoring and signal testing.

GV AMPP comes with GV.UI, an intuitive user interface that can host multiple HTML-5 web components for an at-a-glance view of all your GV AMPP applications. Easily define and build your own interface and then create, load and save different layouts suited for any production and user. Depending on your screen size, you can add a multiviewer next to your master control switcher, add several clip players or simply just have one GV AMPP application running on a small display.

Automatically detect all available running signals and route them to their destination. AMPP enables local routing on a node and global routing between multiple nodes in an AMPP fabric. Set up GV AMPP Routing Panels with a single click for easy changes to the view you want to see.

  • View any format on your router panel at the same time.
  • Route local or global routes through the Skyrouter across your fabric.
  • Any to any routing across the fabric

Create, start, stop, update and configure all applications of your AMPP account. Select where you want a workload to run. Store configurations in snapshots for recurring productions.

  • View all workloads, nodes and and snaphots at a glance
  • Add, delete, Start, stop and configure applications.
  • Select to automatically update or stay on a specific version
  • Create snapshots and tags

Visually monitor all your applications and flows in an AMPP fabric at a glance. Your entire AMPP account can be made visible and thumbnails allow advanced monitoring funcitonality of all flows and applications in your account.

  • Edit, start and stop workloads
  • View all your workloads and flows at a glance
  • Bulk select for edit, start and stop



GV AMPP supports all common local input and output formats including SMPTE ST 2110, NDI and SDI for easy connecting to your existing devices. Global inputs and outputs allow you to stream between different GV AMPP fabrics and lets you choose the best possible transport for low-latency and high-quality streaming. Supporting RIST, ICE and SRT, GV AMPP gives you a wide variety of profiles to fit your needs.

Input icon   Output icon


Boosted with our innovative FlowMonitor technology, each GV AMPP Flow Monitor enables low-latency live streaming from anywhere to everyone. Give it to your producers, operators and customers and enable an unseen monitoring experience in the best quality.

Flow Monitor icon


The GV AMPP Multiviewer is a fully customizable multiviewer that allows you to create different layouts with a single click. Sources can be switched in seconds and the multiviewer editor enables you to create layouts in minutes. The GV AMPP Multiviewer also supports multiple formats. AMPP Multiviewer in combination with Flow monitor allows for everyone to view all signals for the production. Distribute anywhere.

Multiviewer icon


The GV AMPP Graphics app makes it easy to add HTML5 graphics to your production. Just build your graphics and add the link to your application. You can access it across the entire system.

Graphics icon


GV AMPP Master Control enables easy regionalization by driving multiple outputs from a single user interface and with only one M/E, up to 16 different language and/or branding feeds can be produced. GV AMPP Master Control supports HTML5 graphics and allows a simplified on-air feed selection along with an automatic graphics trigger.

Master Control icon


AMPP Mastercontrol Audio mixer allows an audio engineer to work on the same production without sharing the user interface. Audio channels can be assigned, including a preview thumbnail. The Auxiliary buses The Audio panel is available in the Master control menu for audio only operators and enables to add 8 additional audio only inputs to add for example music.

Master Control Audio Mixer


The GV AMPP Clip Player allows you to perform all the tasks of a video server. Easily load, play, stop and start, jog and shuttle, loop or trim clips. You can also change formats and run simple playback with a single click, making this tool an easy-to-use application for your production.

Clip Players icon


Record any input stream in your system with just a few mouse clicks. Choose from a wide variety of profiles and formats and stream to a local disk or S3 bucket.

Recorders icon


AMPP Cleancut allows to assign up to 8 sources for clean switching between the sources. Clean cutting in the cloud is fundamental and can help simplify workflows in which a more sophisticated switcher is not needed.

Cleancut icon


GV AMPP Datasheet (English)

Agile Media Processing Platform

AMPP Datasheet

GV Media Universe and GV AMPP

Grass Valley’s GV AMPP, the Agile Media Processing Platform, is the first cloud-based SaaS platform for broadcast to fully leverage the power of elastic compute. Built for the cloud from the start, GV AMPP is specifically designed to overcome broadcasters’ long-time reliance on costly and inflexible hardware-based media systems.


GV AMPP Datasheet (Español)

Agile Media Processing Platform

AMPP Datasheet

GV Media Universe y GV AMPP

GV AMPP, la Plataforma de Procesamiento Ágil de Medios de Grass Valley, es la primera plataforma SaaS basada en la nube para broadcast que aprovecha al máximo el poder del elastic compute. GV AMPP ha sido creado desde cero para la nube y está específicamente diseñado para superar la dependencia tradicional de los broadcasters en sistemas de medios basados en hardware, costosos e inflexibles. Utilizando únicamente un navegador en una computadora portátil, esta plataforma revolucionaria le brinda una flexibilidad sin precedentes para activar o desactivar aplicaciones según sea necesario, y solo pagar por los servicios que utiliza, incluso en entornos de producción en vivo tradicionalmente costosos.


GV AMPP Datasheet (Português)

Agile Media Processing Platform

AMPP Datasheet

GV Media Universe e GV AMPP

GV AMPP, a Plataforma de Processamento Ágil de Mídia da Grass Valley, é a primeira plataforma SaaS baseada em nuvem para broadcast que aproveita totalmente o poder da elastic compute.

Criado para a nuvem desde o início, o GV AMPP foi projetado especificamente para superar a dependência tradicional dos broadcasters em sistemas de mídia baseados em hardware, caros e inflexíveis. Usando apenas um navegador em um notebook, esta plataforma revolucionária oferece uma flexibilidade sem precedentes para ativar ou desativar aplicações conforme necessário, e pagar apenas pelos serviços que você usa, mesmo em ambientes de produção ao vivo tradicionalmente dispendiosos.



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GV AMPP — Grass Valley’s Agile Media Processing Platform — is the first cloud-based SaaS platform that leverages modern elastic  computing technologies. This game-changing solution unlocks the power of elastic compute for live sports, news and playout workflows, helping customers easily transition to public or private cloud-based workflows or hybrid infrastructures.

GV AMPP has been developed specifically to free up broadcasters from their reliance on costly and inflexible hardware-based media systems and accelerate their move to the cloud. This revolutionary platform empowers users with unprecedented flexibility to spin up or spin down applications as needed — and to only pay for the services they use — even in traditionally complicated live production environments.


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