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Analog Video Distribution Amplifier

The IQVDA02/03 provides up to 14 equalized analog video outputs. It is an ideal budget distribution amplifier for analog video applications. Maintenance of video quality is ensured by the 35 MHz frequency response. The equalizer ensures flat response (±0.1 dB) to 15 MHz necessary for quality distribution.


  • Up to 14 high-quality outputs
  • Balanced loop-through input
  • Terminating input option allows extra output
  • 35 MHz bandwidth
  • Equalizer, better than ±0.1 dB to 15 MHz with 100 m RG59 cable


Inputs and Outputs

Signal Input
Video: 1 balanced loop-through (terminating input option)

Signal Outputs
Video: Up to 14 unbalanced outputs

Card Edge Controls

Control Ranges
Gain: +6 dB to -4 dB typical

Equalization: Equalizes up to 100m of RG59 to 15 MHz ±0.1 dB

Power: OK

Sync detect: OK (Green)

General Specifications

Frequency response:

  • 0-100m RG59U (or equivalent)
  • 15 MHz ±0.1 dB
  • typ. -0.33 dB at 20 MHz
  • typ. -3 dB at 36 MHz

Differential gain: Better than 0.1%

Differential phase: Better than 0.1°

Signal/noise ratio: Better than 75 dB rms. (unified weighting filter)

Line tilt: Better than 0.5%

Output D.C.: ±45 mV max. ±10 mV typical

Insertion delay: 17 ns

Max. input level: +6 dB


  • Better than 55 dB at 50 Hz
  • Better than 45 dB at 250 Hz

Input return loss:

  • Better than 50 dB at LF
  • Better than 40 dB at 5 MHz
  • Better than 36 dB at 10 MHz

Headroom: +6 dB

Output impedance: 75Ω ±1%

Output isolation:

  • Better than 38 dB to 5 MHz
  • Better than 36 dB to 10 MHz

Output return loss:

  • Better than 36 dB to 5 MHz
  • Better than 33 dB at 10 MHz

Gain: Unity ±1% as supplied

Power Consumption

Module power consumption:

  • 3W Max (A Frames)
  • 2 PR (B Frames)


Analog video DA. Loop-through input, 6 outputs.

Analog video DA. Terminating input, 7 outputs.

Analog video DA. Loop-through input, 14 outputs.

For more details on enclosure types please refer to the IQ Modular Enclosures datasheet.



IQVDA02/03: Analog Video Distribution Amplifier Datasheet

The IQVDA02/03 from Grass Valley provides up to 14 equalized analog video outputs.



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